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Code of Ethics


We affirm and promote the value, dignity and worth of each person we encounter in our ministry.

In considering our core values and beliefs we

-  meet people  on our own faith journeys rather than imposing specific religious traditions.

-  demonstrating grace and compassion to all seeking help, therapy and counseling.

-  affirm faith responses and provide spiritual support in proportion to people's receptivity and spiritual hunger.

-  relate with people in a manner that affirms their values.

-  provide services considering each person's uniqueness and individuality along with the role they may fulfill in    

   church, society and their respective community.

-  promote dialogue rather than monologue, understanding that our services are done with people rather than to people.

-  invite engagement instead of passive receptivity.

-  demonstrate a holistic respect of people and their cultural background.

-  give people the freedom to ignore or reject the help offered.

-  all given information will be kept strictly confidential.


Services are provided regardless of race, creed, religion, nationality or gender of recipients, and without adverse distinction of any kind. 

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