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We welcome volunteers from Israel and abroad!
What does it take to become a volunteer?
Our volunteers should be compassionate, sensitive, discreet and have good 
interpersonal and communication skills.
Additional skills may include music, art, food preparation, house maintenance and repair, office and computer skills.
Language requirements are English and/or Hebrew.  Other useful languages are French, Yiddish, and Russian.
The minimum volunteer commitment is 3 months.  The time commitment is 10-30 hours/ 2-5 days per week.
 If you are interested in volunteering with us or doing an internship,  please contact us for more information or submit a completed volunteer application.

Volunteer's testimony

When I met Lena in Switzerland, I got deeply touched in my heart so that I wanted to support the work of Machaseh. From my hundreds of diverse impressions, different activities and experiences I would like to highlight especially one  contact... Read more


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