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The work of Machaseh continues to evolve according to the emergent needs of people.

We recently reviewed our projects' status at our bi-annual board meeting, along with our international team of members and partners who were able to attend.

We are seeing a lovely, new fruit growing up from our work!

The people who have been getting help from Machaseh are now giving help to others. We have former clients who are now providing food to the needy in Bethlehem, serving at our distribution center and mentoring the mentally ill. And in their serving, they continue to heal and grow.

The Holocaust Survivor project goals are to provide social, practical and emotional support

to individuals who are often reluctant to trust and let people into their lives. But years of relationship-building, trust has taken root. The people are inviting the project director into their lives, accepting help and comfort through her. We now have a caseload of 400 people who survived the Holocaust.

Social gather for Holocaust Survivors

A new book on Domestic Violence, authored by our volunteer attorney, has been published in Hebrew. The book, which was written to help the faith community deal with family violence, is currently being translated into five languages by volunteers. This is a great achievement especially as Machaseh Association was born out of concern for victims of domestic violence.

The Ethiopian Single Mothers project that began five years ago, continues.

And a new project began this year: a learning center for Ethiopian children. This has been a long time dream because we understand that education is the key to help these children integrate into Israeli society.

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