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  • Diana N, team member

Music City

Jerusalem is truly an international city.

Citizens and visitors come here from every part of the world. Each culture makes its' presence known through clothing, food, language, art, religion, dance and music. I love it!

Music is the fabric of life here. Music is 'always and everywhere'. We sing or play music at gatherings in homes. Staff meetings include a song or two. In moments of musical gatherings, dancing often erupts.

On my daily treks about the city, it is not uncommon to pass by a group of people who are singing together. Men on their way home from Synagogue on Shabbat. Young people here on Taglit tours. Adults who are enjoying the moment...or who may have 'over-inbibed'. Street musicians are found in every nook and cranny, bringing beauty to us, at the same time hoping we will bring shekels to them.

Through music, little worlds of beauty are being birthed within the larger, darker daily world that is filled trauma and uncertainty.

Here are just a few of my 'music encounters' in recent weeks...

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