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  • Patricia K, team member

Distributing food and friendship

What is going on at the Distribution Center?

Lots! It is so fun to hang out at the Distribution Center. I get a chance to meet all kinds of people from Jerusalem. As I give them free food and welcome them to look at our clothes racks, they are so blessed. They usually get a smile on their face as they look, hoping to find just the right top, pants or skirt.

Some folks enjoy coming to just relax in a safe place.

In those times we get the opportunity to learn a little more about their lives and what serious concerns they are facing. We offer to pray for them, and if they would like, we pray right there.

M. sometimes comes in for his friends who are on the street. They won’t come themselves, so he stops by and ‘shops’ for them.

E. came in 2 weeks ago for prayer. His wife comes regularly and she had told him that we are available to pray for people. He requested prayer for his eyes and because he worries a lot. Since we prayed, he reports feeling a lot less nervous.

Our goal is to make the Distribution Center is a very welcoming place for those living in Jerusalem and who are in need of practical assistance. It is such a joy to be able to be a part of it and enter into the lives of these dear people through this open door.

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