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  • Lena L., Director

A New Tradition Is Born

My most recent outreach was to China, Tibet and Hong Kong.

While in China I met one of the leaders of the national underground fellowship. As we were talking,

I explained that I was going to the far east and Tibet to pray for the region. He was very excited to meet someone from Israel and told me that somebody had given him a flag from Jerusalem. He decided to give the flag to our group as a gift. We traveled on to the base camp of Everest. We spent time praying and blessing the whole far east from this place. We brought out the flag, and it was a very special moment

After I returned home, I told the team the story about the flag.

They were all very excited, but especially Alla who is the Holocaust survivor project manager. She suggested that we pass the flag on to the group of Holocaust survivors who were going to visit the camps in Ukraine. And so the group took the flag to Ukraine and blessed these places with the flag. One man who survived the ghetto and whose parents were murdered took the flag and was praying and blessing the places with life, restoration and forgiveness.

The flag is now back to its' new home in Jerusalem.

We have decided that it will be a special Machaseh tradition to take the flag along to different places in the world as a manifestation of restoration and life.

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