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our Machaseh family


At Machaseh’s core is a staff which consists of a therapist, psychologist and social worker.

We three could never accomplish all that needs to be done, but for our volunteers! These wonderful people who complete our team come to us from Israel and around the world: Finland, Norway, Switzerland, Germany, Canada and the USA. We deeply appreciate the work our volunteers do, but even more valuable to us are the relationships we have with them. It is important to us that you understand this aspect of our organization.

One longtime volunteer from Finland, Jukka, is with us now.

I asked him to introduce himself and his wife Ingrid to you:

It all started in the autumn of 2011 when I first came to Israel and Jerusalem. I was studying social work in Finland and we had to make 3 months practical training in an international NGO. After talking with the leader Lena Levin I noticed that Machaseh was a perfect place for my practice time.

We agreed that I would come again the next year for 3 months.

This is my 7th time in Israel and with Machaseh. During one of my times in Israel, I met Ingrid, who was later to become my wife! We continue to be in close relationship with Machaseh, supporting their work from wherever we are and come to Israel to help when we can.

Another couple who have become part of the Machaseh family is Jochen and Ruth.

Over the years, they have faithfully come from Germany to help repair the homes of Holocaust survivors and other impoverished people. They are in our hearts and we appreciate them so much. They were not able to come help us this year because of very serious health issues.

Please remember them in prayer.

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