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March of Life 2017

Our organization Machaseh has already been helping the Holocaust survivers for about seven years. The beginning was when we met and started to help one very old lady, who went through horrors and hunger of the war. This same woman passed away last year in the age 101. From this tiny family, this lady and her only daughter, the project has grown to about 400 people!

We try to provide them with the most basic things such as food and clothing.

We are helping with electricity bills and medicine, organizing trips, concerts and celebrations of birthdays. But most importantly, we are giving them our love, appreciation and warmth of our hearts. These amazing people are truly examples of strength and courage for all of us.

We could not to do our work without the cooperation of different organizations.

One of our newest partners is called March of Life. This movement started in Germany and was initiated by Jobst Bittner from Tubingen. Ten years ago it was only few families who came together to search reconciliation and repentance. Now this movement has thousands of followers in eighteen countries and is fighting growing anti-semitism in a most powerful and effective way. As coordinator of Holocaust Survivors project, I participated in the conference in Tubingen in early March. The conference was dedicated to the organization and preparation of Marches of Life all over in Europe and in US.

We would like to invite you to join us at the March of Life in Jerusalem taking place on May 24th.

It is most important that not only the elderly people who survived horrors of the war particpate, but also that many younger people become involved in these events. We are calling all our friends and colleagues in different countries to join March of Life!

Let us close with thoughts of another 'march of life' that took place long, long ago.

May you have a blessed Passover as you celebrate God's faithful deliverance of His people from bondage. And as always, we are so very grateful for your support and prayers.

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