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Counseling, coaching and mentoring

As a crises agency, we meet people who present with a variety of practical needs.

We make every effort to serve the individual where they are at. If we are not able to appropriately meet their need, we seek out available resources in our community. We do the same when people present with counseling needs.

According to the American Counseling Association, the counseling profession seeks to address individuals’ wellness, personal growth, and development through various interventions and strategies. Counselors have specializations such as marriage and family, mental health, school, pastoral or faith-based counseling, mentoring and coaching.

The Machaseh team has been using their skills to bring support, hope and healing to people in Jerusalem for over 10 years. Because we are a multi-cultural team serving a multi-cultural population, we strive to be sensitive to cultural differences as we address problems that are shared by mankind all around our planet:



grief and loss

mental illness

human trafficking

marriage and family problems

People often present with complex issues.

To give you one example, we worked with a young person who was suffering with mental health problems resulting from substance abuse and homelessness. We were able to provide wrap-around services which included case work, counseling, referrals to psychiatry and a dual diagnosis program. We are thankful that today this individual has a new life walking with the Lord, is working, going to school and helping others who struggle with mental illness.

“It is not by might, not by power, but by my spirit, saith the Lord.”

Please pray for us as we are conduits of God’s love. The team and our clients desperately need God’s wisdom, understanding, compassion and protection as we participate in one another’s lives.

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