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  • Hannah A, volunteer

Led to Machaseh

Having just graduated college, my desire was to return the blessings that God had given me through my life, and have a period of time where I was dedicated to only serving others before going into a career. I have always had a heart for Israel, and after so many doors opened as I stepped out with faith, I found myself at Machaseh. I truly feel like it was a family fit here at Machaseh. Each person within this association is giving so much of themselves, and each bring a unique gifting, a warm smile, and an incredible embrace where you feel Yeshua's love. Machaseh's goal is building relationship and they will do so with anyone who comes to them.

I was assigned to a mother and her two children and would spend every Monday with them.

After coming from an abusive marriage, and enduring the struggles that come with moving and starting over, the mother was tired and stressed. The children were happy on the outside, as children can be, but emotionally harmed on the inside. When these harms would come to the surface family arguments would ensue, leaving me sitting amidst the yelling, praying through it, and offering a smile and a hug at the end and attempting to make the children laugh. All I could do is show love, but that's the most effective.

I watched the children when the mother had court dates, or errands to run. I cleaned the house each week, helped them with the unpacking process, and played board games or went to park or mall with them. It was not long before we were friends. It’s not hard to serve when you find a need and fill it, and everyone needs a friend! The most rewarding was when I reached the point when I was able to pray with the mother, who afterward had streams of tears on her cheeks. I will continue to pray for this family who will always be dear to my heart. Two days a week I worked at the Distribution Center, where so many come for more than food and clothes--fellowship is the main attraction! It's a fun atmosphere where there is coffee and cookies a few chairs, and a lot of "regulars." These people are truly finding "refuge" in this place! Once a week I participated in the Manna Kitchen-- a soup kitchen put on by King of Kings, which two of us from Machaseh went regularly together to serve a truly delicious meal to about ninety people every week. We set the tables purposefully--making them appealing to the eyes, we seated our guests as though they were coming to a restaurant (though not as gracefully because they almost run in at first), and musicians provided live music. It's a beautiful picture of grace: regardless of past and present mistakes, a banquet is set before us.

As I move into a new season of my life I will continue to find ways to serve others wherever I am and my experience here has inspired me to equip myself so that I can be used as best as I can for my King. I do not want to limited, but rather I want to be strengthened! I am not sure where this period of equipping will lead me or where I will end up, but I know that one day I will again be in Israel speaking Hebrew and sharing the love of the Lord for His people.

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