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  • Dana R., team attorney

Domestic Violence Manual

You must not ignore it (Deuteronomy 22:3-4).

That is the commandment God has commanded us when we find or know of anything that one of our brother's had lost or when we see our brother's animal falling down the road.

If God commanded us not to ignore the lost things or hurting animals of our brother's, how much more should we care about our brothers and sisters themselves as they struggle?

Machcaseh Association was brought forth from the worldview of not ignoring,

especially not members of families who suffer from domestic violence of all kinds. Alongside the ongoing interventions with families, Machaseh Association has worked to raise awareness among different communities with regards to domestic violence, with the underlying understanding that it can happen anywhere and needs special care.

During the past couple of years, I had the privilege to assist Machaseh Association

in equipping the local congregations with an informative booklet about the theological, social, psychological and legal aspects of domestic violence and the available resources within and outside the Christian/Messianic communities in Israel. Together with translators of the four most spoken languages in Israel - Arabic, English, Russian and Amharic - we created a booklet for all sections of the community of believers in Israel.

We hope this booklet, which we will be introducing in future seminars, forums and meetings, will be of help for all us to be a help. Amen.

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