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My incredible journey

I came to Israel with the purpose to bless others, instead God blessed me abundantly. Fellowship with Holocaust survivors, hearing their stories, their life purposes, their attitude toward the past, learning from them the way they cope with daily challenges and how they try to keep themselves physically healthy- it taught me a lot, it encouraged me a lot, and helped me to grow in my own spiritual journey.

I have observed most of the Holocaust survivors their daily gratitude about everything.

I often would hear statements, such as: “Let the past be in the past, and we need to continue focus on present moment and be thankful for each day.” Moreover, each Holocaust survivor expressed their deep gratitude for Alla and Lena, all Machaseh Team and their supporters. They state, “ They help us keep moving, keep going” and “Machaseh gather us all together for support, and we became like a family that we have lost. We are always looking forward for our weekly “ family” gathering.”

While I was in Machaseh, due to my Russian speaking ability, I was asked to lead group therapy with Holocaust survivors and do individual counseling. In our group work, we have practiced trauma- response approach, we used Art therapy, Breathing exercises, Progressive Muscle Relaxation, Alternative Nostril Breathing exercise, Holding Neurovascular Points, Body Scan/Body Map-Awareness of the Felt Sense.

I am very thankful for Machaseh Team, and especially for Alla and Lena.

Watching their hard work, their compassion and love for people mirrors God’s Love into all people around them. My Team from Oregon : Diana, Jeanne, Denise, Guma and I were invited to love & encourage people who are Holocaust survivors. Instead, I personally felt loved and encouraged by Holocaust survivors. It was mutual exchange support that I will treasure for the rest of my life. Plus, having a huge support from Machaseh Team, such as weekly support and prayers were also highlight in my spiritual journey.

May Lord continue reign in Machaseh and Israel!

With His Love,


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